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The Best Option for Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide

Domestic Air Conditioning SA is your one-stop solution for ducted air conditioning in Adelaide. When the summer comes, there is nothing better than staying in your climate-controlled home. The ducted air conditioner is the only way to fight Adelaide’s summer heat and keep your house cool. Suppose you are looking for a ducted air conditioner. You’re probably searching for the benefits and disadvantages of the system, what budget to set aside and the best company to do the installation for you.

With several choices on the market today, there is a lot to consider. This is why our team at Domestic Air Conditioning SA is here to help you. We have over 19 years in the air conditioning industry and we can help you get the most cost-effective and energy-efficient unit for your home. We are licensed to provide installation, maintenance and repair services for all brands of ducted air conditioners. 

Ducted Air Conditioning Services in Adelaide

While most people consider ducted air conditioning in Adelaide expensive, it is by far the most efficient. The system involves an internal unit installed within your roof. Our experts will install ducts running from the air conditioning unit to each room in your house and the air will travel through the vents in the ceiling. This means that you will have a central control system operating temperature in every room. You also have the option to stop airflow in any unused room to save energy. Ducted air conditioning is cost-effective, practical and gives you control.

At Domestic Air Conditioning SA, we deal with leading air conditioning brands like Daikin, Samsung and LG. As such, you can trust us to deliver an efficient heating and cooling system that lasts. Our technicians are qualified, licensed and experienced, so you can rest assured that you will receive outstanding workmanship and customer service.

Why Choose Us for Your Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide

Thanks to our experience in ducted air conditioning in Adelaide, we can help you narrow down your options when choosing the right ducted air system. Our team will show you the features and the models of ducted systems ideal for Adelaide’s weather and climate. Our purchasing power will also guarantee that you get the most energy-efficient and budget-friendly system for your home.

Our prices are incredibly competitive and we will provide a free no-obligation quote. We also offer senior/pensioner discounts. Besides installation, we are always ready to address your repair and maintenance needs. Our customer service is unmatched and we will answer any questions that you have. We give informed advice regarding the best unit to meet your domestic or business needs. We also provide 24/7 emergency services, so you do not have to get stuck with a malfunctioning air conditioner for long.

Call us on 0408 229 245 to learn more about ducted air conditioning in Adelaide.

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Regular servicing is vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of all air conditioning units and systems.

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Why Property Owners in Adelaide Choose Us

At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA, our purchasing power offers you great savings across an entire range and selection of air conditioners.

If you’re after a professional experience from a team who knows aircons inside and out, our technicians are ready to help. Travelling out to homes and organisations across of Adelaide, you can book a service or repair by calling 0408 229 245.

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