Air Conditioning Maintenance Across Adelaide

Regular maintenance is vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of all air conditioning units and
systems. Adelaide’s Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA are determined to help you get the most out of your Air Conditioning investment. It also ensures that you comply with warranty requirements and improve the general lifespan of the system. In addition, by servicing your unit or system your energy bill will be reduced; air flow and efficiency will be increased; mould and odours will be removed; and harmful bacteria and allergens will be removed also!

Our qualified technicians provide a full installation and comprehensive service of your Air Conditioning system. Our Adelaide-based team can provide and organise a single or yearly service to monitor and maintain your system. In addition, our technicians can provide regular or planned maintenance on installations and equipment installed by other companies. Maintenance contracts are also available upon request.

Evaporative Air Conditioning – Recommended Servicing

Evaporative units normally require one seasonal maintenance check before and after the start and end of summer. Our techs will ensure the unit is operating correctly and have it ready for the long hot Adelaide summer. When summer is over the unit can then be protected for winter. When servicing your evaporative unit we will be assessing the condition and functions of:

  • The water pump, filter and water lines
  • The distribution pads
  • The dump valve (if one is fitted) and solenoid
  • The fan motor and pc boards
  • The float valve
  • The pulley, belt and fly wheel

The good news is that because evaporative air conditioning works on a straightforward system. Problems are generally quick to identify and rectify. Replacement parts, if required, can be quickly installed to get the unit up and running to maximum efficiency in no time. Early intervention can save larger problems developing later and save you money.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning – Recommended Servicing

Providing you regularly clean your return air filter, a domestic refrigerated system should normally only require one annual check-up. Systems in commercial and business organisations might need up to four service visits per year plus occasional additional checks to ensure that the filters are working efficiently. With well cared for filters and regular services, refrigerated air conditioning should only need the smallest amount of maintenance.

In a domestic situation, regardless of whether you have a room air conditioner or a ducted system, the vital thing is to ensure that the filters in refrigerated systems are always kept clean. Where the outside unit is placed can also seriously affect the system’s lifespan and may require repairs. When serving your refrigerated unit, again we will attend to checking the:

  • Filters or filter media
  • Indoor units drain run off (if blocked can cause you ceiling to leak!)
  • All duct work and zone motors
  • Refrigerant running pressure
  • Motor amperage draw and bearings
  • Compressor’s amperage draw
  • Electrical terminals are all tight
  • Electronic pc boards, solenoids, pressure switches and safety devices


High quality refrigerated air conditioning systems have a very long lifespan providing it is properly looked after and maintained. The majority of reputable branded air conditioners that we supply, such as Daikin, have a 5-year warranty.

Whatever form of air conditioning you choose – split system, refrigerated, evaporative, etc – scheduling regular maintenance appointments with a specialist company, like Adelaide’s Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA, is essential if you want to keep your system running at its top performance while controlling the climate in your home or work place to maximum comfort.


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