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The Best Evaporative Air Conditioning Services in Adelaide

Are you looking for evaporative air conditioning in Adelaide? Are you worried about the long and scorching summers? Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA has the finest evaporative air conditioners. The evaporative air conditioner does not incur significant expenses and can stand the test of time.

The skilled team Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA effectively installs, maintains and repairs evaporative units. Our proficient technicians are licensed and equipped with extensive industry knowledge, so you can rest assured that you will receive 100% workmanship. We are transparent and always give outstanding client support, taking pride in the 24/7 instant response that our client’s receive, meeting their emergency service requirements.

Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA sources commercial and residential systems from Australia’s principal and international brands so that our clients receive ideal products. Our value for quality pushes us to work with leading models such as Samsung and Daikin.

Quality Evaporative Air Conditioning in Adelaide

Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA is the most recommended company for your evaporative air conditioning systems in Adelaide. When servicing your evaporative air conditioner, we perform various assessments such as the float valve, the pc boards and fan motor, the water pump and the filter. We understand that with single seasonal maintenance, you are ready to commence and end your summer without any hitches.

Our technicians will always ensure that your evaporative unit is prepared to function throughout the summer. With our experience and expertise, we can identify and fix problems quickly. If your unit requires replacements, our team is conversant with the installations requirements and procedures to get any model operational.

We also provide planned and regular maintenance on equipment and installations performed by other companies. We also value our clients and that is why we offer all our maintenance, repairs, and replacements at a budget-friendly cost without compromising quality.

Maintaining Your Evaporative Air Conditioning in Adelaide

Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA has the best specials for your evaporative air conditioning in Adelaide. We provide summer start-up and winter shut-down for $160. When summer ends and winter is around the corner, we shut down your unit to safeguard your air conditioning unit from colder temperatures and ensure it is ready to function fully during the following summer season. We provide winter shut down services in various ways.

Our team isolates the primary water to supply and empty the sump to prevent moisture from building up, which can lead to corrosion and mould growth. We also check if there are any leakages, rust, or cracks. When we are about to start up your system for summer, our skilled team conducts some operations such as cleaning the pumps, filters, and amp distributor channels. We then lubricate the blower shaft, turn on the electrical and water supply and measure the motor current.

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At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA, our purchasing power offers you great savings across an entire range and selection of air conditioners.

If you’re after a professional experience from a team who knows aircons inside and out, our technicians are ready to help. Travelling out to homes and organisations across of Adelaide, you can book a service or repair by calling 0408 229 245.

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