Evaporative Winter Shut-Down $99(GST Included)
Winter is just around the corner, and that means it’s almost time to shut down your evaporative air conditioner for the season!! At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA, we provide both a Winter shut down and Summer start up for $198 (GST included).
By shutting down your cooling unit when Summer ends, you are protecting the unit from colder temperatures and ensuring that it is ready to operate to its fullest potential next Summer. At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA, we will provide a Winter shut down service by: –

Shutting off the unit – Isolating the main water to supply and emptying the sump (This is a crucial step because moisture build-up can result in corrosion, rust, mildew and mold growth)
and isolating the power (This is recommended as a precautionary measure to ensure it’s not accidentally turned on during the winter. It also protects the unit from damage).

Cleaning the Air Conditioner – Over the summer months your air conditioner is exposed to the elements, becoming coated in dust, dirt, debris, dead insects, bird droppings, and more. We will clear the area surrounding the outdoor unit removing these unwanted containments.

Examine the Exterior – Now is the time to take care of any concerns with your air conditioner and safeguard against issues when your restart the system in the spring. We will carefully inspect the outer casing, looking for cracks, leakage, rust, or other abnormalities. Check that all
seals look tight and aren’t cracked or deteriorated. If we notice any items that require attention, we will provide you with a free quote for your consideration.

Protecting the unit from the winter elements – We will cover the unit for you and book a date to conduct your Summer start-up!

Evaporative Summer Start-Up YOUR UNIT $130 (GST Included)
When the chilly days of Winter are behind us call Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA to
start-up your unit for Summer. The transition between using your heating and cooling systems is
a bit more complicated than just pressing a button, and there are some things you should do to
help bring your air conditioner back to life after the past months of inactivity. At Domestic Air
Conditioning Services SA, we will provide a Summer start-up service by: –
1. Opening the unit; leaving cover in appropriate, safe location.
2. Lubricating blower shaft and bearing housings.
3. Adjusting V-Belt tension and pulley alignment.
4. Checking axial fan alignment and screw tension – set and adjust.
5. Turning on water/electrical supply, checking ball float & valve operation.
6. Measuring motor current – visually inspect electrical components.
7. Cleaning pump, filter, reservoir & distributor channels.
8. Cleaning & flushing filter pads.
9. Checking water distribution.
10. Monitoring water flow rate & adjusting bleed off control.
11. Checking fan speeds, air flow, ducting, connections & outlets.
12. Adding sanitize cartridge if requested.


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