Actron Air Conditioner Repairs

Actron Air Conditioner Repairs are just too easy with help from Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA!

Why Choose an Actron Air Conditioner?

Actron Air is an Australian company recognised for making world-class air conditioners.

Actron Air conditioning systems are designed and manufactured in Australia. They can effectively and effectively perform in Australia’s extremely harsh and diverse (hot and cold) weather conditions. Interesting, unlike other brands Actron air’s ducted systems are guaranteed to keep operating in temperatures up to at least 50ºC!

ActronAir manufacture a wide range of reliable and energy efficient products.

These include: –

  • wall hung splits
  • multi head units
  • cassettes
  • low profile ducted systems
  • split ducted systems
  • packaged units

Most importantly, all these products can be supplied, installed, serviced and repaired by Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA.

And yes, at the absolute best price and the quickest time frame!

Actron Air Conditioner Repairs

Actron Air Conditioning repairs, Service and Support

At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA we provide the absolute best support and service.

Because we too are Australian owned and operated, you will never have trouble accessing spare parts or product support.

If you are considering or have chosen an Actron Air conditioning system and need service support call us today!

Actron Air Conditioning Trouble Shooting

If your Actron system is still under warranty it is best to just call us today to get one of our technicians to fix the unit.

If your Actron Air conditioner is not currently working and giving out a fault code, please refer to the chart below.

Actron Air Conditioning Repairs

Depending on the fault code sometimes if you turn the mains power off and back on again this can reset the fault code and start the unit back up.

For example, if the unit is showing an E9 fault code this could just be a dirty filter and would need the system to be turned off and back on again. A nice simple fix.

Do you need Actron Air conditioner repairs?

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