Carrier Air Conditioning repairs adelaideCarrier Air Conditioner Repairs Adelaide

Extensive Carrier History and Experience you can trust!

Carrier air conditioners have been around for many years. In fact, the first Carrier air conditioner was built in 1902!! Air conditioning technology has advanced significantly since 1902, with headway and huge financial benefits in invertor technology and motors running using DC power.

When it comes to the brand Carrier, age and experience does go hand-in-hand!! When purchasing a Carrier air conditioner, you are purchasing a system from a renowned manufacturer with a wealth of knowledge and experience! In addition, all Carrier air conditioners come with quality components and a 5-year warranty.

carrier air conditioning repairs adelaide

Why Choose Carrier?

Unfortunately, some manufactures are providing customers with cheap but inferior systems that come with cheap electrical components and motors or pressure safety devices. Often these cheap/inferior systems come with only a 2-year warranty, so in a few years when these cheap unit fail replacement parts are unavailable.

At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA our purchasing power offers you great savings across our entire range. Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA supplies and installs an extensive range including: – Carrier, Daikin, Samsung, LG, Carrier, Mitsubishi Electric, Actronair, Gree, Bon Air, and many others. This means we can cater to your both air conditioning needs and budget. By installing a reputable air conditioning system, like Carrier, we can minimise future maintenance costs and energy consumption and we can also help ensure that your air conditioning system’s life expectancy is maximised. Call today and one of our qualified, licenc-ed and experienced technicians can assess your home or commercial installation site and recommend the best system or unit for your space and budget.

Rectifying a simple problem with you Carrier Air Conditioner?

Imagine turning on your air conditioner on a scorching hot Summer’s day or a freezing cold Winter’s night and it will not start! What a nightmare!!! But don’t fear! Carrier air conditioning units often have a fault code which will be displayed on the controller and there are a couple of simple steps you can take to rectify the problem: –

1. Turn off the unit at the circuit breaker or isolator located near the outside unit for 30 seconds.
2. Turn it back on, this will reset the PC board and hopefully start the unit back up
If this does not rectify the problem, other possible faults could be caused by the following: –

• A sensory from the pc board has rattled loose
• An electrical problem with the invertor or pc board
• Compressor failure
• Dirt in the filters
• Damage from pests (i.e. rodents)

If you have a fault code on your Carrier unit just call us!

Whatever the fault is Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA can rectify problem! We are readily available to provide ongoing maintenance that ensures peak performance over the life of your system, with access to readily available spare parts warehoused right here in Australia for fast delivery. CALL US TODAY!!