Common Signs of Blocked Gutters

Your gutters are the Trojan protectors of your home. When bad weather hits, they are there getting the deluge of water away from your home with speed. However, they need to be tended to in order to do their job effectively. A blocked gutter causes hassle and cost, and problems far bigger and more expensive than you might realise. So, how to spot a blocked gutter?

Look Up – Visual Gutter Check

Your starting point is to have a wander around your house looking at the gutters and downpipes. Even better, if you can see any of your gutters from an upstairs window then look from there too. There are certain tell-tale signs that your gutter is blocked. Answer these questions:

  • Can I see any obvious gutter blockage?
  • Is there water flowing over one point of the gutter?
  • Are there any drips coming from any point in the gutter?
  • Can I spot any rotting wood on the fascias?
  • Have I seen any animals, such as squirrels, in the gutter?
  • Have I seen any birds landing nearby?
  • Do I suspect I might have a wasp nest, or other nesting insects?
  • Can I see any vegetation growing from the gutter?
  • Can I see any misshapen, bulged, or bending pipes?