Evaporative Air Conditioner Services and Repairs in Adelaide

As Adelaide continues to be hit by hotter and longer summers, evaporative air conditioning units have begun to emerge as the preferred cooling system, narrowly ahead of ducted and split systems. This is largely due to the lower costs of evaporative air conditioning units, which can be run for extended periods of time – allowing for long summers – without incurring a significant cost. Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA are qualified for the installation, maintenance and repairs of evaporative units, and respond to domestic and commercial callouts across Adelaide. We work with leading brands like Daikin, LG and Samsung.

Why Choose an Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit?

Why are evaporative air conditioners a popular choice in Adelaide homes and businesses? Their attractiveness stems from their lower running costs, and any repairs required generally reflect that lower price. Problems are generally quick to identify and rectify during services, and replacement parts are quick and easy to install. Evaporative units can be back up and running to maximum efficiency swiftly. Evaporative air conditioners normally need one seasonal maintenance check before and after the start and end of summer. The technicians at Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA can keep your unit operating at full capacity before you’re hit by the hot Adelaide summer.

Adelaide’s Favourite Air Conditioning Service

If you’ve been searching for a reputable team who expertly handles the repairs of aircon units, get in touch with Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA. For your convenience, we respond to emergency callouts 24/7. Our team are able to complete repairs and maintenance of evaporative air conditioners, meaning that you won’t be left out to roast in the Adelaide heat for too long. If you have any questions about any of our air conditioners you can reach out to our team or call 0408 229 245.