Split System Air Conditioner Installation in Adelaide

When you’re in the midst of a raging Adelaide summer, or shivering through a chilly winter, a working air conditioner can mean the difference between sleeping soundly and quickly losing your cool. Don’t suffer through Australia’s extreme temperatures! The team at Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA provide installation of split system air conditioners across Adelaide. We also provide fully installed ducted and evaporative systems from top brands like Daikin and Samsung.

Air conditioning has become a necessary part of surviving Adelaide’s seasons, so it’s time to book in for your split system installation.

Benefits of a Fully Installed Split System

Why are customers across Adelaide choosing split system air conditioning for their homes and businesses? There are many benefits for this style of aircon. The design of split systems results in less heat and energy loss, great for rooms that lack natural airflow and ventilation. Installation is typically simpler as they require no ductwork, and they are a popular option across Adelaide due to their climate control capabilities. This makes them excellent all-rounders – they can maintain a comfortable temperature all year long. Split system air conditioners can be fully installed in individual rooms and spaces meaning that each room can be managed according to the preferences of the people in it.

Adelaide’s Choice for Air Conditioning Installation

Don’t let the Adelaide heat or cold keep you up at night and make everyone uncomfortable during the day when. For the most professional service, get in touch with our technicians. We respond to callouts across Adelaide to provide full installed split system air conditioning units, as well as repairs and maintenance to ensure they run smoothly throughout the year. If you have any questions about our installation or maintenance service, or to book a repair call 0408 229 245.