Evaporative Winter shut down

A question frequently asked by customers: – “Do I need to get my evaporative air conditioner shut down for Winter?”

There are a few factors that determine if you require an Evaporation Winter shut down.  If your unit is an older system it will not have a self-cleaning function and water will sit in the sump over the Winter period. As a result, this water will go stagnant and mold and bacteria that thrive in such conditions, could threaten the health and well-being of you and your family.  In addition, exposure to wintry weather could cause the unit’s small hoses attached to the pads to freeze over and burst/split. Replacing these parts can be costly, but most importantly avoided!! Therefore, a crucial step when shutting down your unit for Winter is turning the water off and draining the sump.

If your unit is a newer air conditioning system, it will have a self-cleaning function. This means it will have a valve that drains the water out of the unit once turned off to prevent water sitting in the sump. However, this function does not clean the unit and regular manual cleaning is still required; to ensure that built-up dirt does not damage your system.

Winter in Adelaide is extremely cold! If your unit doesn’t have a cover or a Winter flap in the dropper all that freezing air from inside will go straight into your house causing your heating system to work harder.

At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA we provide a comprehensive evaporative winter shut down, though following these critical steps: –

  • turning the water off to the unit
  • cleaning out the unit
  • flushing the unit out
  • checking all parts for defects
  • isolating the power to the unit
  • fitting the Winter cover (if applicable) or check the Winter Flap is secure in place (if applicable)
Why not take advantage of our evaporative winter shut-down and a Summer start-up deal for a low price of $165 inc GST!!

Does my air conditioner need a service?

We would strongly recommend a service by one of our qualified technicians, if you answer YES to any of these questions: –

  • Has it been over two years since you had your unit professionally looked at?
  • Does the unit blow less air than it has in the past?
  • Does it struggle more on warmer days?
  • Does it have an unusually unpleasant smell coming from the vents?
  • Is there a heavy amount of water leaking from your downpipe?
  • Does the unit seem to be getting noisier/louder?

At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA we can provide a comprehensive service for just $99 including GST

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