Split System replacement cost for a new or existing unit

If you have an old system that is working poorly, or a broken one, it may be time for a split system replacement.
The average lifespan of a split system is approximately 15 to 20 years.
When you have made that important decision to buy a new split system air conditioner, it is
essential to consider not just the retail cost of the air conditioning unit but also the installation
cost. Yes, it can be an expensive initial outlay, but a split system can also be one of the most
energy-efficient ways to cool and heat your home.

split system replacement cost

split system replacement cost

So, what is a split system replacement cost in Adelaide?

Split system air conditioners can vary dramatically in price from $600 to $2500, depending
– brand and model
– size and capacity
– smart features such as sensors, eco modes, Wi-Fi and app compatibility
– Specials, promotions etc.
At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA our purchasing power offers you great savings
across our entire range. Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA supplies an extensive range
including Samsung, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Daikin, Kelvinator, LG, Actron, Kaden and many
others. This means we can cater to your both air conditioning needs and budget.

How much will it cost to install a new split system in Adelaide?

When calculating your new split system replacement cost, we will need to consider the
-The number of units being installed, as well as the size.
-The complexity of the installation – i.e., how much piping or cabling is needed, and
where the units are in your home.
-Upgrades to your electrical system, if required.
At Domestic Air conditioning Services SA, we will advise you on the best position possible
for your units, both within your rooms and outdoors, to maximize efficiency and keep costs
as low as possible.

Why is it cheaper to replace an older unit?

It is usually cheaper to replace older air-conditioning unit’s than to install a completely new
system. This is because the installer can usually use the same pathway for the piping, so
there is less needed in terms of drilling holes through walls or pour a concrete base and running a dedicated power feed.
The split system replacement cost of a back-to-back replacement unit at Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA will cost
approximately $600 including GST (Excluding the price of the new unit).

What size split system do you need for my room?

Choosing the right size can save you money and reduce your energy use.
There are a few factors to consider when deciding on the air conditioner capacity or size that
you need, including:
1. Room size: What is the length, width and ceiling height? While floor space is
important, so is total volume – a room with high ceilings will require more energy to
The larger the area, the larger the unit capacity you will need. A typical guide:
A small room of 20 sqm and less: 2 to 2.5kw
A medium sized room of about 20-40sqm: 2.5-5kw
A large room of 40-60sqm: 4-6kw
Extra-large (60+m2) Open-plan areas, large lounges: 5–9kW
This is a ballpark guide; At Domestic Air Conditioning Services SA we can provide an
accurate calculation, so you don’t end up with a system that’s drastically over- or under-

When calculating your new split system what also do you need to consider?

Insulation: Are the ceilings and walls insulated? What’s underneath and on top of the room?
Ceiling insulation is one of the biggest factors in making your home thermally efficient.
Orientation: Which way does the room face? A large north- or west-facing window can let in
a lot of heat in summer, whereas a shaded, southern-facing window will be cooler

Who can install the split system?

All split system installations must be performed by a licensed technician. At Domestic Air
Conditioning Services SA, the installation process is always completed by a certified and
qualified technician. You can relax by knowing that everything done follows the requirements
as stipulated under the Australian standards, guidelines and legislation. We have extensive
experience installing air conditioners in Adelaide – from residential homes to commercial
offices, businesses, government schools and shops.


How long does it take to install a new split system?

We understand that clients often want the installation of a split system into their Adelaide
based home or business in the quickest timeframe. Therefore, we have a quick, efficient and
professional installation process. We can delivery and/or install your new air conditioner in
the most time efficient manner. It usually takes less than one day to complete the installation
of a new split system.
What warranty/guarantee comes with a new split system?
All air conditioners installed by us come with a minimum 5 Year warranty and all
workmanship is 100% guaranteed. By staff holding a Builders Licence we have a profound

understanding of the importance of installing air conditioners to support, accommodate and
add value to the structural and aesthetic integrity and quality of your home or building.
Our technicians can demonstrate the features and functions of your system, so you can feel
confident in heating and cooling your Adelaide home.
We provide 24/7 customer support – do not hesitate to call us on 0408 229 245 if you have a
question about the installation process or would like more information about your system or